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Boiler Scrappage Guide

Boiler Scrappage

The Boiler Scrappage Scheme was originally launched by the government to help households with least efficient heating systems. The scheme offered consumers up to £400 to change from their current boiler to a more energy efficient one. . The objective of the scheme was to kick start the Boiler Scrappage industry and with the exception of Scotland the government sponsored scheme has come to an end.

As the government funds have run out the private sector has stepped in. At Leadsale we want you to make the most out of this opportunity, so whether you are a National PLC or a start-up heating engineering company we have a Boiler Scrappage Lead solution for you. Investing in Boiler Scrappage leads with Leadsale is an excellent way to grow in this emerging market as we work as an industry towards reducing our National Carbon Footprint.

Make more money from your Boiler Scrappage leads.

The price on Leadsale can fluctuate depending on how many leads have been generated and on seasonality. Monitor the site on a daily basis and lock in a low cost with a weekly lead purchase.

We want to help you get the best return on your investment. Follow our helpful guide information below and get the most out of your Boiler Scrappage Leads.

The most important things to remember immediately after purchasing your lead are:

  • Early contact says much about your reliability as the saying goes; it's the 'early bird that catches the worm'. The earlier you speak to a customer the more likely you will be to complete the sale, and beat competitors too.
  • Take time to plan - Taking the time to think of a process will help you make the most of your leads. Leads don't sell themselves it is important that each customer is contacted by someone in your organisation and that the initial contact is followed up. Ensure every opportunity is made to sell a product by delegating this responsibility to trained sales people.
  • Change your method of contact - Often customers have asked for help because they couldn't find what they needed online, so switch contact method. Give them a call or with their permission; pay them a visit as part of the closing process.
  • Connecting with your customer is vital - Making a personal connection is a great way to build a relationship with a potential client, encourage loyalty and the on-going use of your services.
  • Resist the urge to send out loads of company information unless the client has asked for this. It is likely the request for information is cover for hidden objections..
  • Save time by building email templates for standard communications, using the macro feature to input the customer's name at least twice.


5 Steps when approaching a lead.

  1. Listen without selling.
  2. Establish the decision maker in the household.
  3. Build a relationship with the enquirer, (as they are your advocate to the decision maker).
  4. Now that you understand the real needs offer the Maintenance solution.
  5. If the customer is not in a position to move forward always offer a call back.


Cautionary Reminders:

  • Due to the nature of internet leads that the customer may visit several sites this does not mean we have resold the lead the customer may be motivated to buy the product.
  • Please remember this is a lead, and not a definite sale. The lead will offer you a fantastic platform to sell your product or service, but you still need to sell your Boiler Scrappage service.
  • If you are a local company, use it as a selling point, and offer a personalised service your national competitors can't match.

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