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Personal Injury News

Businesses to face greater health and safety scrutiny.

Brokers who are looking to fulfil personal injury claim leads have been advised that health and safety standards in British workplaces will soon come under greater scrutiny.

Facilities management group Office Test this week noted that the government is planning to revise the compensation system for people who suffer an injury at work and allow them to complete claims on the internet.

The organisation noted that this could lead to more accident leads opting to seek damages following a health and safety lapse at their place of employment.

According to Office Test, this will mean health and safety policies at companies across the UK will be more closely monitored.

"There will be more pressure on the workplace to maintain high standards on health and safety to prevent accidents from occurring," it commented.

Health and Safety Executive data shows that slips, trips and falls from height accounted for the most frequent types of accident in the workplace during 2009-10.

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